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“My Company Already Has Core Values”

I’ve heard it a million times…

And you know what? I used to think the same thing. After all, At just 28 years old I was an extremely successful CEO by most standards. Over the previous 3 years I’d built the 40th fastest growing company in the U.S. with over 150 employees and 10 Million+ Annual Revenue. However, there was just one problem… I created a monster that I hated! The company didn’t remotely resemble what I’d dreamt of building. It was out of control, inefficient, and the entire staff seemed out of alignment. I was stressed out, overworked, and my endless weeks were spent putting out one fire, just to rush off towards the next. The more we grew the worse it got!

Then it happened…

 In 2008 I was standing in a classroom filled with the best and brightest high growth CEO’s in the world. It was the third annual weekend session for the BOG Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. That day I was asked 3 simple questions that changed my life:

  • “Can YOU recite your Company’s Core Values from memory?”

  • “Can YOUR EMPLOYEES recite your Company’s Core Values from memory?”

  • “DoYOUR CUSTOMERS know what your Company’s Core Values are?”

It was painfully clear. Core Values were not alive and well in my company…. and everyone involved was suffering because of it! That realization led me to develop “The Core Value Equation” which is the secret weapon that helped me:

  • Grow my next company’s from 30 employees to nearly 1000 employees during that time

  • Get named Executive of the Year, Management Team of the Year, and Employer of the Year - Stevie Awards

  • Become The #9 Highest Rated CEO in America on Glassdoor

ALL without stress, company growing pains, or back-breaking work weeks! You see, that’s the brilliant thing about your organization’s core values. If implemented and used correctly, your organization’s core values will do three things without fail!

  • Attract and keep your industry’s top talent regardless of competition

  • Create a lightning-fast scale without growing pains

  • Build self-managing teams where employees make great decisions without oversight.

Do you still think your company’s core values are just words on paper?

If so, then please feel free to leave this page immediately. However, if you’re starting to see that the door to becoming a visionary leader of a world-class company that thrives without them is only unlocked by creating and implementing core values, then I’ve got a proposition for you.


I’ve since stepped down as one of the country’s top-rated CEOs… and am now focused on shaping the visionary leaders of tomorrow’s business world through my new Core Value Academy.The Core Value Academy is an exclusive online training program designed to help High Growth CEO’s and Executives use my “Core Value Equation” to transform their organization into a self-managing machine that scales without growing pains! The Core Value Academy has been designed to fit easily into your busy schedule and transform your organization in 12 months or less. With the help of our step by step video curriculum, the monthly facilitator calls, one on one Hot Seat sessions, and a collaborative community of tomorrow’s top business leaders, you’ll develop a Core Value Driven organization that attracts and keeps the best people, goes above and beyond for customers & coworkers, and practices a level of self-accountability that frees you up from the day-to-day so you can enjoy leading a wildly successful company you’re proud of. Enrollment is on an application basis only. To see if you qualify for The Core Value Academy, click on the link below.


Welcome to The Core Value Academy

If accepted to the Academy, you will get exclusive access to


12 Month Access To Our Private Core Value Academy Online Community

There is nothing more valuable than rubbing shoulders and collaborating with the Visionary Business Leaders of tomorrow.  We handpick the members of The Core Value Academy, so the relationships and ideas shared inside our private community will shape tomorrow’s business landscape. 


12 Monthly Core Value Hot Seats with Darius

Experience valuable one on one coaching from Darius in a virtual group training setting.  Get your new Core Values critiqued and improved by Darius himself.  When you’re not personally on the Hot Seat tune in to watch fellow High Growth CEO’s get coaching for their businesses!


The Core Value Equation Video Course

Enjoy an assignment driven Road Map to discovering, designing, launching and measuring powerful and effective Core Values in your organization.


12 Monthly Facilitator Calls

Receive support and guidance from our highly skilled facilitators.  Get all your questions answered and leverage our valuable expertise to fast track the Core Value Driven transformation of your organization!


Lifetime Access to the Video Course & All Group Coaching Recordings

After graduating The Core Value Academy in 12 months you’ll maintain lifetime access to The Core Value Equation Video Course, and ALL Facilitator Call & Hot Seat Recordings.

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Benefactors of The Core Value Academy



Author of Traction and Creator of EOS

Core values are the foundation of every great company. They define your culture.

Mike comp


Author of Profit First and Fix This Next

The Core Value Equation is the most powerful tool your business can leverage.



NY Times Bestseller & CEO of Sensei Labs

The Core Value Equation is a new look on core values and just how far you can leverage this powerful tool.


Darius Mirshahzadeh

Darius is a high growth CEO, serial entrepreneur, and culture-building mad scientist at The Money Source. He was ranked #9 on Glassdoor’s list of Top CEOs of Small and Medium Companies in the US, and TMS has won numerous awards, including “#3 Best Place to Work” by the San Francisco Business Times and the prestigious Stevie Award for Great Employer of the Year. 

Darius has been recognized in The New York Times and Inc. Magazine for innovation in corporate culture, and his business insights and thought leadership has been published in Huffington Post,, Fast Company, and Forbes. 

Recently Darius has stepped down from his position as CEO of the money source to help usher in a new era of leadership in companies across the world through his Core Value Academy.

What if my company already has Core Values?

If so, GREAT! But do you:

  • Frantically hire to keep pace with employee turnover?

  • Waste money on high priced consultants?

  • Sacrifice profit in the name of growth?

  • Invest in expensive software that end up underutilized?

  • Work 60-80 hour work weeks constantly putting out fires in the organization?

If so, then your Core Values need to be completely shaken up. That’s why The Core Value Academy redefines, destroys, or creates new Core Values for your organization that actually translate into results. 

Is your company scaling at lightning speed without growing pains?

Are you attracting the best talent in your industry?

Are your customers & employees your raving fans?

Are you winning awards and getting recognized for your leadership and success?

Do you want to feel less stressed, more fulfilled, and have more free time to enjoy life?

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