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Scale Map

The Scale Map Method

As the CEO and Founder of the Real Darius, I have always been obsessed with growing companies. I know how difficult it can be to implement a complicated scaling system all the while trying to get your entire team on board. Most CEOs get pulled right back into the day-to-day business operations and can’t get the system to stick. 

I was in this exact position putting every scaling system to the test and had no choice but to create the Scale MAP Method to produce results.  The Scale MAP Method is a bulletproof process that fixes, simplifies, and streamlines every aspect of the business.  The Scale MAP Method is a proven roadmap that turns your company into a self-managing machine.  

I set out to share my Scale MAP method with high-growth entrepreneurs and CEOs like yourself so you can grow a company you love. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you’re looking to scale your business, this was created for you.

“The Scale MAP Method introduces the most important scaling concepts that create maximum impact to build a company.”
– Darius Mirshahzadeh

The scale MAP method is designed to remove you from the day-to-day operations and position your company for fast profitable and painless growth. An organization can be turned into a self-managing machine when you create a clear mission, with clear initiatives and hold your team accountable.  You’ll finally get to write the story of your own business.   You will know the players, you will know who’s responsible for what, you will know how they’re performing and you will be in control of how the story plays out.  

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How would it feel when you have incredible confidence in the future direction of the company?  Check out my free training video where I explain more about the Scale MAP Method and how it can help your business scale! Scale Map Free Training

Core Value

About The Book

For most organizations, Core Values are nothing more than words on paper. They are not alive and leveraged to create maximum impact, value and ROI. 

The Core Value Equation turns this on its head and teaches you how to Discover, Design, Roll Out, Implement and Measure the ROI of Core Values for maximum Impact to your company. 

(Oh yeah, and by the way, you also get to have a kick ass culture to boot.) Order today learn more

Book single

Check out my book, The Core Value Equation.

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This is the start of what I am calling The Core Value Revolution.

The future leaders of this upcoming business cycle are going to be mission, vision, and core value driven leaders and organizations. 

Organizations who have figured out how to take their values, mission and vision… and bring them to life in the organization (using them for every decision, every strategy and every outcome)… will be the winners in every industry in the next 10 years.

Leaders and organizations that leverage these tools are going to create FAR more impact, more profit, and more engagement in the world around them.

This is who everyone will be chasing in their respective industries, whether it’s for-profit, non-profit, or governmental. I ask you to join this movement. The goal is to build 1 million core value-driven organizations to create maximum impact by 2030. 

The question I ask you is simple: Are you going to be part of the revolution? Or are you going to get smoked by the organizations you compete with who figure this out before you? The choice is yours. We welcome you with open arms.

Austin Grandon

They dive deep into all the small things that add up to such important factors of running a business. A lot of time, aspirational thinking isn’t enough and implementation is just as important.

Austin Grandon

Equip Mortgage


Darius has spent the last 14 years observing, enthusiastically testing, and perfecting the art of how to build a core value organization at scale. Some author’s talk through the experience of others, Darius is one of the rare author’s who has lived it. The Core Value Equation is a must-have for any leader who wants to level up and truly build a core value-driven organization.

Ken Sim

Co-Founder & 2018 City of Vancouver Mayoral Candidate Nurse Next Door Home Care Services and Rosemary Rocksalt

Jeff Miltenberger

What did you like best about the ScaleMAP Method Bootcamp? Getting a plan to get the process of improving going. the 4×4 plan was a great piece of the puzzle we have been missing.

Jeff Miltenberger

Branch Manager NFM Lending

Trent Chapman

Clear instructions mixed with small breaks to put new knowledge into action. Not too long on either, so the education is deep enough and this allows for more content to be covered in a shorter period of time. We can always go deeper outside the training if the concepts are understood and practiced while immediate assistance is available. Great format.

Trent Chapman

Co-Founder COO of Fix Your Funnel Inc.


I have worked with many great small and mid-market companies, and hundreds of CEO’s, as an advisor, coach, and mentor over the past 20 years. Darius and his team are definitely one of the most progressive and ground-breaking entrepreneurial organizations from that cadre. He truly fits my definition of an Enlightened Leader, and gets what it means to build an organization that scales quickly and efficiently.

Cheryl Beth Kuchler

Founder & President CEO Think Tank

Skinner Louis

Darius is the real deal. He has simplified complex topics in such a way that I can take action steps immediately. His Bootcamp has helped me find more clarity and direction for my business. I witnessed how a 1% change in mindset can change everything. I am fully satisfied with Darius, his team, and the great program they put together! I recommend his program for any serious entrepreneur.

Skinner Louis

Owner Louis Law Firm


High growth companies struggle with inconsistency and growing pains. Mirshahzadeh gives these companies a powerful tool to solve these challenges. The Core Value Equation is going to change the landscape for how high growth companies approach to scale.

Jeffrey Schox

Founding Partner Schox Patent Group

Joe Onorato

What was your biggest takeaway from the Scale MAP Method Bootcamp? I have a lot of good ideas, and plans. Now I know how to implement them in a logical pragmatic way thanks to the course.

Joe Onorato

Surety Title Company

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Meet Darius

Darius is a dad, husband, twin, brother, and son who was born and raised in California and now lives in Austin Texas.  He is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, conscious capitalist, speaker, and business coach.  Darius’s passion is to make the world a better place using his talents and engagement.  He is all about the P’s:  Passion, Pizza, Puzzles, and Pink Unicorns.

If you’re more into traditionally braggy vanity metrics around success, he was ranked #9 in Glassdoor’s Top Ranked CEOs in America as CEO of TMS. Darius is an Inc 5000 CEO, ranking #40 in the entire country. Darius has participated in many prestigious programs including Birthing of Giants at MIT and graduated from the world-renowned Stagen Integral Leadership Program.  He was a TEDx curator for the TEDxGoldenGatePark at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.

Darius is the best-selling author of his book, The Core Value Equation. Darius is also the host of the Top 100 Podcast, The Greatness Machine, where he interviews some of the most interesting and accomplished people who are living their passions to create greatness in the world. His current project includes creating The Scale MAP Method which helps entrepreneurs learn how to create accountability and scalability in their business.

Check out my book, The Core Value Equation.

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