Every problem we encounter begins and ends with core values.

"Core Values should have a utility and leverage value that is second to none in your organization"
- Darius Mirshahzadeh

Core values don't need to be nice. Core values need to be authentic. They need to be well designed, they need to have high utility value, and they need to be rolled out, implemented, and then measured for effectiveness in your organizations. 

99% of leaders get this dead wrong.

Most organizations make the mistake of creating core values that are some kind of fluffy, rainbows thing. The reality is... they need to be 100% authentic and true to your business. If you are a badass group of profit assassins, your core values should feel that way. If you are hippie, pink unicorn-loving, harmony seekers, your core values should feel that way.

When discovered, designed, and treated like something you're going to want to use at the highest levels of your company, then they have a completely different benefit and value.

Core Value

About The Book

For most organizations, Core Values are nothing more than words on paper. They are not alive and leveraged to create maximum impact, value and ROI. 

The Core Value Equation turns this on its head and teaches you how to Discover, Design, Roll Out, Implement and Measure the ROI of Core Values for maximum Impact to your company. 

(Oh yeah, and by the way, you also get to have a kick ass culture to boot.)

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I was born to speak, and I speak the truth to create maximum impact and value in the world. I speak from a place of vulnerability, relatability, and love. My presentations are best for keynotes and organizational workshops.

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This is the start of what I am calling The Core Value Revolution.

The future leaders of this upcoming business cycle are going to be mission, vision, and core value driven leaders and organizations. 

Organizations who have figured out how to take their values, mission and vision… and bring them to life in the organization (using them for every decision, every strategy and every outcome)... will be the winners in every industry in the next 10 years.

Leaders and organizations that leverage these tools are going to create FAR more impact, more profit, and more engagement in the world around them. This is who everyone will be chasing in their respective industries, whether it's for-profit, non-profit, or governmental. I ask you to join this movement. The goal is to build 1 million core value-driven organizations to create maximum impact by 2030. 

The question I ask you is simple: Are you going to be part of the revolution? Or are you going to get smoked by the organizations you compete with who figure this out before you? The choice is yours. We welcome you with open arms.

Check out my book, The Core Value Equation.