About Darius


My purpose is to live a poetic life – a life of true engagement that helps others learn and reach their potential.

Well, what can I say? I hate bragging about myself or talking about myself in a way that could be perceived as bragging. What do you want to know about me? I'm a dad, husband, twin, brother, and son. I am grateful to have such an amazing family who loves me despite my loco craziness—born and raised in Cali. Now I live in Austin, Texas. I'm a serial entrepreneur, author, conscious capitalist, speaker, and entertainer. I'm all about the P's: Passion, Pizza, Puzzles, and especially Pink Unicorns. I am all about creating greatness in the world.

My passion is to make the world a better place, using my talents and engagement. My top six core values are happiness, which I call heart. Love, which I call Besos. Passion, which I call "Eye of the Tiger. Curiosity, which I call Cinco. Creativity, which I call BOOM. Last but not least, balance, which I call Movie Night. The reason I call it that is because my family and I watch movies together every Friday night.













Happy - engagement, fun, singing and dancing, eating, embrace life, enjoy the journey. Have parties. Celebrate our wins and mourn our losses, but we move on bettering ourselves as the win is not the outcome; rather, it is the opportunity to play in the game of life. Joy. Gratitude.


Love - hugs, kisses, affection, time for each other, invest in our relationships with friends and family. Love ourselves. Family is always first. We spend time together engaged in each other’s company. We share meals together. Make new connections. Make great food. Make great memories together. Drink tequila, bourbon, wine, and ginger ale. Eat pizza.

Eye of the Tiger

Passion - grit, tough, hard work, respect. Okay, to be scared, but we go down fighting, fight for others who need our help, challenge the status quo. Fight for integrity. Give respect. Be humble as we aggressively pursue our conquests. Understand and create independence. Fight to win. Surrender to win.


Creativity - express who we are, embrace our quirks, art, design, tear down the establishment to make room for new ideas, and a better future. Make time for creativity and expression.


Curiosity - truth, honesty, learning, try new things, go to new places, have new experiences, explore the big world. Connect the dots. What, where, who, why, and how. Appreciate the knowledge of those who are older and wiser than us. Seek wisdom.

Movie night

Balance - peace, zen, mindfulness, give and take, release anxiety. Give each other our space. Respect our personal needs. Rest, cozy blankets, movie nights, and lazy beach days. Nourishment and recharge ourselves so we can live a life full of gusto. Self-care. Exercise. Healthy food. Blow off some steam.



Core Values Expert

Now, if you're more into the traditional braggy vanity metrics around success, I'm an Inc. 500 CEO, ranked number 40 in Inc. 500 in 2007, with 2500% plus revenue growth in three years of my business, Twin Capital Mortgage. I was ranked #9 in Glassdoor's Top Ranked CEO's in America for small to medium businesses. I have participated in many great programs, such as Birthing of Giants at MIT, Gathering of Titans at MIT, and I am a graduate of the World Renowned Stagen Integral Leadership Program.

I've spoken on some big stages. I was a TEDx curator. I did TEDx Golden Gate Park in 2011 and 2012 at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. I'm a crazy mad scientist CEO. I've grown companies from startup to just under a thousand employees in under three years, and I'm an expert at core values. I am very proud of my book, The Core Value Equation. If none of that impresses you, so be it.

I can make a damn good pizza, and my last meal on earth will be a pepperoni pizza from Pizzetta 211 in San Francisco with a cheese board salad, a slice of flourless chocolate cake, hand-whipped cream and with a Blue Moon beer. Peace. I love you.

Check out my book, The Core Value Equation.