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“Darius Mirshahzadeh wrote a book that truly matters. His take on core values and how you make them come to life is a new, refreshing approach to an area of business that is typically severely underleveraged in most companies.”

CHIP CONLEY, NY Times bestselling author and Strategic Advisor to Airbnb


“Core values are the foundation of every great company. They define your culture. Mirshahzadeh has taken a thought-provoking, impressive deep dive into this vital topic. Well done!”

GINO WICKMAN, Author of Traction and Creator of EOS


“The Core Value Equation is the most powerful tool your business can leverage.”

MIKE MICHALOWICZ, Author of Profit First and Fix This Next


"Darius Mirshahzadeh's book, The Core Value Equation will become a must-read for every company & leader who wants to finally build a company to create impact.  His deep understanding of core values and making them something more than just an asset used by the HR and culture team will change everything.”

Cameron Herold, Founder COO Alliance, Author of Meetings Suck & Vivid Vision


“The Core Value Equation is a new look on core values and just how far you can leverage this powerful tool in your organization when designed, implemented, and brought to life in a thoughtful and intentional way. The Core Value Equation is the most powerful tool your business can leverage.”

JAY GOLDMAN, NY Times bestselling author: The Decoded Company, CEO of Sensei Labs


"Extensive, engaging, and highly actionable business advice"

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