Core Values

183 | How to Show Up to Become The Best Version of YOU

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 17, 2023 /

In this episode, I will share a few tips I learned on how to become the best version of yourself and why it matters to show up and take action. I will also discuss the things I learned from two books I recently read, Atomic Habits by James Clear and The Miracle Morning by Hal…

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182 | Sarah Edmondson | NXIVM Cult Whistleblower Teaches Us How To Take Down A Cult And Reclaim Your Life

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 15, 2023 /

In this episode, Darius and Sarah dive deep into the effects of cult manipulation and how cults rewire the brain of their members. Now a cult recovery advocate, Sarah also shares her story of being a member of NXIVM, which she later exposed for their abusive practices.  In this episode, Sarah and I talked about:…

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TGM Classic | Hala Taha | Young and Profiting: Using Adversity as Fuel for Success

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 13, 2023 /

In today’s episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius chats with Hala Taha, entrepreneur, CEO of YAP Media and LinkedIn’s Podcasting Princess. Her path to success has been a long and challenging one, despite her relatively young age, and she’s ready to share her insights on today’s episode.  In this episode, Hala and I talked about:…

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181 | How To Get Off The Hedonic Treadmill

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 10, 2023 /

In this episode, I will share some tips on how to avoid getting stuck on the hedonic treadmill, the benefits of building habits and rituals to achieve success, and the importance of celebrating achievements. In this episode, I talked about: Meet Darius:  Darius is your host of The Greatness Machine LIVE. Darius is a mad…

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180 | Robert Glazer | Elevate Your Team: How To Build A High-Performance Team

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 8, 2023 /

In this episode, Robert and I discuss the four areas of the “Capacity-Building” framework which are spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities. We also dive deep into the challenge of having difficult conversations at work and how new managers often fail at handling such situations.  In this episode, Robert and I talked about: Meet Robert:…

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TGM Classic | Steve Sims | The Art of Making Things Happen

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 6, 2023 /

In today’s show, Darius interviews Steve Sims. Steve is the badass founder and CEO of the luxury concierge service, Bluefish, bestselling author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen, and a sought-after life coach. Also known as the “Wizard of Oz”, Steve shares his incredible life story and philosophy in today’s show.  In this…

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179 | Darius’s Interview on the 7-Figure Millennial Podcast w/ Brandon Fong

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 3, 2023 /

Darius Mirshahzadeh has spent two decades building high-growth companies from startups to hundreds of employees, and during that span of time, he realized what it takes to grow his companies exponentially and how to build a core-value-driven organization from zero to one thousand employees. Darius is a core value evangelist, a serial entrepreneur, and a…

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178 | BJ Fogg | The Power Of Tiny Habits: How Small Changes Can Lead To Huge Results

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / March 1, 2023 /

In this episode, Darius and BJ talk about habit formation and how to create big changes by starting small. They also discuss the various applications of Tiny Habits in areas such as personal development, health, and business. In this episode, BJ and I talked about: Meet BJ: BJ is a behavior scientist, with deep experience…

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TGM Classic | Dandapani (Part 1) | How to FOCUS on The Core Things that Truly Move You Forward

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / February 27, 2023 /

In today’s show of the Greatness Machine, Darius interviews a Hindu priest, former monk, entrepreneur, and teacher, Dandapani. Dandapani teaches people how to avoid instant gratification and the accompanying distractions so that we can focus on the most important things that truly take us forward.  In this episode, Dandapani and I talked about: Meet Dandapani:…

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177 | My Miracle Morning Routine – How I Went From Being A Night Owl To Waking Up Before 5:30 AM And Having An Amazing Morning Routine

By Darius Mirshahzadeh / February 24, 2023 /

In this episode, I will talk about my morning routine and what my day looks like after learning about the SAVERS productivity routine. I will also share my manifestations and what I do to achieve them. In this episode, I talked about: Meet Darius:  Darius is your host of The Greatness Machine LIVE. Darius is…

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