216 | Henk Rogers | Bringing Tetris to the World, Saving the Planet, and More!

In this episode, Darius and Henk discuss the factors that contributed to the massive success of The Black Onyx as the pioneering role-playing game in Japan. They also delve into Henk’s four missions in life, emphasizing his commitment to creating positive change through technology, sustainability, and the power of human potential.

In this episode, Henk and I talked about:

  • What contributed to the huge success of The Black Onyx as the first role-playing game in Japan
  • The impact of discovering and acquiring the rights to the game Tetris
  • How Henk got involved in the Tetris movie
  • How a near-death experience has made Henk realize what he wants to accomplish
  • Founding Blue Planet Foundation and building awareness for clean energy
  • Henk shares his four missions in life
  • And other topics…

Meet Henk:

Henk Rogers is an internationally-renowned entrepreneur and video game developer, widely recognized for his contributions to the gaming industry and his advocacy for sustainable-energy solutions. Dutch-born Rogers spent his early childhood in the Netherlands before his family relocated to New York. Rogers took an interest in computers and gaming at a young age, and went on to study computer science at the University of Hawaii before moving to Japan in 1977. In Japan, Rogers started his first company, Bullet-Proof Software, which published “The Black Onyx,” the first role-playing game in Japan that, in 1984, became the number one game in the Country. However, he is perhaps best known for serving as the producer of the hugely popular game Tetris, which he helped bring to the Nintendo Game Boy in the late 1980s after a daring trip to the Soviet Union. His efforts helped establish the Game Boy as a market leader and made Tetris one of the most popular games of all time. Rogers’ story is the subject of the new Apple TV+ film “Tetris,” starring British actor Taron Egerton as Rogers. Following success in the gaming industry, Rogers became a strong advocate for renewable energy and sustainability after a near-fatal heart attack in 2005 made him identify his true life’s missions. He founded the Blue Planet Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuels and promote the adoption of clean-energy solutions. The Foundation has been instrumental in implementing renewable-energy policies in Hawaii and led Rogers to found a sister organization, Blue Planet Alliance, which helps communities around the world transition from being reliant on fossil fuels to using 100% renewable energy. Rogers is also the founder of Blue Planet Energy, a global leader in renewable-energy storage systems, and the International Moonbase Alliance, an organization with the goal to build sustainable settlements on the moon and Mars, as well as establishing Hawaii as a leader in the space industry. He is a sought-after speaker and has given numerous talks on the importance of sustainability, clean energy, and entrepreneurship.Today, Rogers continues to be an influential figure in both the gaming industry and the sustainable-energy sector. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to both fields, including being inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame in 2008 and named CEO of the Year by Hawaii Business Magazine in 2015.

Meet Darius: 

Darius is your host of The Greatness Machine LIVE. Darius is a mad scientist, high-growth CEO, serial entrepreneur, author, conscious capitalist, speaker, and entertainer. Darius is on a quest to create 1,000,000 Core Value Driven Organization by 2030. He is calling this “The Core Value Revolution.” Darius is an alumni of the Birthing of Giants Entrepreneurial Program at MIT and Stagen Integral Leadership Program. Darius’s accolades include being ranked #9 Top Rated CEO in America on Glassdoor, has won numerous Stevie Awards, and has founded and grown organizations that have been ranked #40 in the Inc. 500 and were ranked #3 Best Places to Work By the San Francisco Business Time. He is all about the P’s: Passion, Pizza, Puzzles, and, especially, Pink Unicorns. His book, The Core Value Equation, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller and is available at www.thecorevalueequation.com.

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