266 | Clay Martin (Part 1) | Heroes in the Making: How Childhood Influences Shape Military Paths

In this episode of The Greatness Machine, Darius welcomes special guest Clay to discuss a range of topics, from the carnivore diet to Clay’s military background and a lot more. Clay shares his family’s history of service and his decision to join the Marines, influenced by 80s action movies. In addition, they discuss the common motivations behind military enlistment.

In this episode, Clay and I talked about:

  • The challenges and benefits of switching to a carnivore diet
  • Clay shares personal anecdotes about his previous experiences with dietary changes
  • Elon Musk’s unconventional approach to business and rule-breaking
  • Clay shares his military origins and joining the Marines on his 18th birthday
  • The warrior mentality and how it can manifest in different aspects of life
  • And other topics…

Meet Clay:

Clay Martin, a former US Marine Corps Infantryman turned Reconnaissance Marine and Scout Sniper, transitioned to the US Army’s Special Forces, driven by an unyielding passion for challenge. After 15 years of service and medical retirement, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery before finding his calling as a weapons advisor and novelist. With three novels and two survival books under his belt, Clay is the face of Defiance Training Group, a collective of former Special Operations Veterans offering both in-person and digital training via their website.

Meet Darius: 

Darius is your host of The Greatness Machine. Darius is a mad scientist, high-growth CEO, serial entrepreneur, author, conscious capitalist, speaker, and entertainer. Darius is on a quest to create 1,000,000 Core Value Driven Organization by 2030. He is calling this “The Core Value Revolution.” Darius is an alumni of the Birthing of Giants Entrepreneurial Program at MIT and Stagen Integral Leadership Program. Darius’s accolades include being ranked #9 Top Rated CEO in America on Glassdoor, has won numerous Stevie Awards, and has founded and grown organizations that have been ranked #40 in the Inc. 500 and were ranked #3 Best Places to Work By the San Francisco Business Time. He is all about the P’s: Passion, Pizza, Puzzles, and, especially, Pink Unicorns. His book, The Core Value Equation, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller and is available at www.thecorevalueequation.com.

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