TGM Classic | Steven Kotler | Gnar Country: Finding State Of Flow To Achieve Peak Performance

In this episode, Darius and Steven talk about park skiing, the psychology behind flow state and its benefits, and how to reach peak performance. They also tackle how having a positive aging mindset can slow down the effects of getting older.

In this episode, Steve and I talked about:

  • How Steven got into writing and journalism
  • Steven gives a sneak peek into his book Gnar Country
  • What park skiing is all about
  • Five major intrinsic internal motivators
  • What is a flow state and what are its benefits
  • Steven explains what “ghost dog” means
  • What does peak performance look like
  • Steven explains why grit is a limited resource
  • Embodied cognition and its applications
  • The benefits of having a positive aging mindset
  • And other topics…

Meet Steve:

Steve Kotler is a bestselling author, journalist, and expert on human performance and flow states. His notable works include “The Rise of Superman” and “Stealing Fire.” He co-founded the Flow Research Collective to study peak performance and helps individuals and organizations unlock their potential. Kotler’s writing has appeared in major publications like The New York Times and Wired. He is a popular keynote speaker known for translating scientific insights into actionable advice.

Meet Darius: 

Darius is your host of The Greatness Machine. Darius is a mad scientist, high-growth CEO, serial entrepreneur, author, conscious capitalist, speaker, and entertainer. Darius is on a quest to create 1,000,000 Core Value Driven Organization by 2030. He is calling this “The Core Value Revolution.” Darius is an alumni of the Birthing of Giants Entrepreneurial Program at MIT and Stagen Integral Leadership Program. Darius’s accolades include being ranked #9 Top Rated CEO in America on Glassdoor, has won numerous Stevie Awards, and has founded and grown organizations that have been ranked #40 in the Inc. 500 and were ranked #3 Best Places to Work By the San Francisco Business Time. He is all about the P’s: Passion, Pizza, Puzzles, and, especially, Pink Unicorns. His book, The Core Value Equation, is an Amazon #1 Best Seller and is available at

The Greatness Machine shares lessons on how to framework your drive for results, create limitless space, and win the war on talent.

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