Best Adult Webcam Sex Sites

By NGNGadmin / October 16, 2022 /

Adult web cam sex is a type of making love entertainment that involves watching and chatting with naked models. These types of entertainment continues to grow at an amazing pace because the advent of the net. It can be a great way to enhance your erectile fantasies, and it’s also a powerful way to meet…

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140 | Stephanie Paul | How To Lead Through Storytelling

By NGNGadmin / October 14, 2022 /

In this episode, Darius and Stephanie discuss the differences between working in the entertainment world and the business industry. They also tackle the power of storytelling and why great leaders need to be great storytellers. In this episode, Stephanie and I talked about: How Stephanie started in the performing arts at a young age Stephanie…

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139 | Chris Voss | Hostage Negotiation Tactics for Everyday Life

By NGNGadmin / October 11, 2022 /

In this episode, we talk to Chris Voss, also known as “The Master Negotiator.”  Chris retired as the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, is the CEO of the Black Swan Group, and is the author of the national bestseller Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It, which was…

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Buying a Bride Internet

By NGNGadmin / October 8, 2022 /

Buying a bride online is one of the most popular ways intended for Western guys to meet foreign women who will be eager to date. It is a safe and hassle-free way to get a loving, long lasting partner. How mail purchase bride services work: The practice of getting a mailbox order new bride started…

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How to live a life without constraints

138 | How To Live A Life Without Constraints

By NGNGadmin / October 7, 2022 /

In this episode, I will discuss the benefits of having a no-constraints mindset and how it taught me to raise the bar higher every time I reach a goal without beating myself up.  In this episode, I talked about: Breaking free from constraints The one thing that stops people from reaching their full potential The…

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137 | Tim Elmore | How Leaders Can Bridge The Generation Gap

By NGNGadmin / October 4, 2022 /

In this episode, Darius and Tim talk about the impact of generational differences on leadership styles. They also discuss reverse mentoring and how it helps in crossing generational divides in the workplace.  In this episode, Tim and I talked about: Meet Tim: Dr. Tim Elmore is the founder and CEO of Growing Leaders (, an…

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136 | Do You Give Yourself The Gift Of Dreams vs. Goals?

By NGNGadmin / September 30, 2022 /

In this episode, I will discuss what Ed Mylett’s book The Power of One More made me realize about my dreams and goals. I will also talk about my motivation for starting my podcast, The Greatness Machine, and what I aspire to achieve for the show.  In this episode, I talked about: The key difference…

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135 | Nathanael Chawkin | The Art Of Conscious Leadership

By NGNGadmin / September 27, 2022 /

In this episode, Darius and Nathanael discuss the impact of conscious leadership in an organization,  the benefits of meditation, the differences between spirituality and religion, and it is important for a leader to have a greater purpose. In this episode, Nathanael and I talked about: Nathanael looks back on how he started conscious leadership How…

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134 | Where Will You Be In 3 Years

By NGNGadmin / September 23, 2022 /

In this episode, I will discuss why it matters to seek and embrace change. I will also reveal what motivated me to step down from my position as a CEO after building a company from zero to a nine-figure organization and what has changed since then.  In this episode, I talked about: Dave Grohl’s book…

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133 | Phil Mancuso | The Future of the World Economy

By NGNGadmin / September 20, 2022 /

In this episode, Darius and Phil discuss wide-ranging topics such as microeconomics, capital markets, consumerism, inflation, automation, population growth, US economic forecast, and much more.  In this episode, Phil and I talked about: Understanding capital markets What is exponential growth, and why it matters Effects of asset inflation Phil reveals what drives him in business…

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